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We bring you the tools and data to make an informed property investment decision.

Founder's Story

Yuvoh was founded by two investment bankers who became friends during their ten-year careers in finance.

Manish and Gautam have been investing in properties for over 15 years and were acutely aware of the challenges that come with buy-to-let investment. Like so many investors, they could find almost no reliable, transparent data to make informed decisions and were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of counterparties and other organisations at every step of the investment process. Manish and Gautam were determined to change that.

Yuvoh was formed to meet these needs and help investors navigate their journey in property investment.

Effective property investment without barriers

Our mission

Our mission at Yuvoh is to make real estate investing accessible and exciting by giving our customers a packaged real estate investment opportunity.

We bring you the property and real estate data normally available to large fund managers. We then give you the tools to analyse this data so you can easily review investment opportunities and complete your purchase.

We are also there to guide you through your first purchase, help you allocate your finances and diversify your investment portfolio.

We’re partnered with the industry’s leading property managers and our sister company CopoFi can help you finance your purchases. Our friendly and experienced customer team is here to understand your requirements and give you personalised support through every step of your journey.

Why we're different

Yuvoh’s Journey

  • Data-driven investment opportunities
  • Dedicated account manager for every investor
  • Find the best investments nationwide
  • Hands-off solutions and packaged investments
  • Transparent with costs

Conventional Journey

  • Calculate returns on investment yourself
  • Agent works for the seller
  • Investment opportunities limited to local information from estate agents
  • Separate agents for your purchase, mortgage and property management
  • Extras, add-ons and hidden charges

Estimated Revenue

Short-term let
+4.1% (£24,125)
£3,996 monthly
Average Occupancy
Long-term let
+3.9% (£22,479)
£2,356 monthly
The result is an estimate based on 245 properties analysed in this area

Our Team

We're a team of highly experienced mortgage and asset managers, property specialists and technologists.

Mortgage and Credit Assets Management
Property Purchase Journeys

Manish Shah

Director of Relationships & Partnerships

Manish has 15+ years of banking, investment management and asset management experience with UBS, Standard Chartered, Nationwide Building Society and Royal Bank of Scotland. He has been responsible for investments in banks and other financial services businesses. Manish holds a BSc in Banking and International Finance from Cass Business School

Gautam Pandey

Director of Strategy & Execution

Gautam has 17+ years of experience in investment banking with careers at JP Morgan Chase and Royal Bank of Scotland. He has held senior executive roles in origination, structuring, underwriting and asset management. A transferable skill-set built throughout a career in US and Europe, most recently as part of a leadership team that delivered one of the largest bank restructurings. He is an engineer at heart who loves solving problems. He holds a Masters from the University of Michigan and Bachelors from IIT Madras.

Geoff Baker

Data Engineer

Geoff has 2 years of experience working with backend systems and API development. Geoff has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Southampton.

Ivan Solskiy

Front-end Engineer

4 years of web programming experience. Creating complex solutions with efficient and reliable modules. I believe - a good developer focuses on client needs and brings the right tools and technology to the specific project.

Yuriy Bishko

Front-end Engineer

Yuriy has 3+ years of web programming experience. He has been responsible for grow-up the value of the project by implementing future trends today. Highly skilled in Google technologies, Progressive web apps.

Andrii Hembar

QA Engineer

Andriy has 4+ years of testing experience including mobile, desktop and web applications. Strong knowledge in computer science allows Andriy to create automated testing solutions for any type of product.

Arindra Das

Lead Product Designer

Arindra has 9+ years of experience building digital products, using a user-centered approach having worked with the likes of Microsoft, Ericsson Research, Nokia and ABB. Arindra also served as an interim VP/Chief product/UX designer to many early-stage startups and was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Startupbootcamp FinTech. He is leading the design effort at Yuvoh.

Patrick Macauley

Business Development Manager

Patrick has 5 years of experience working with the largest estate agency group in the UK, Countrywide plc. During his time there he worked for various high-end and mid-market brands including Hamptons International, John D Wood and Greene & Co
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